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Welcome to Lighthouse Press Inc. - Trusted anxiety resources for over 17 years.

Featuring integrated books and other resources by Aureen Pinto Wagner, Ph.D.

What are integrated resources and what are their benefits?
Integrated resources are books and other materials that have been carefully designed to work well by themselves, but even better
when combined with other resources.
For example, we offer The Worry Hill Master Set.  In this "set" there is one book for the child, one book or the parent/caregiver and
one resource for the therapist. Together, the set is a powerful tool
to help all stakeholders.  The theraputic approach and language
is carefully chosen and integrated throughout these resources, so everyone is headed in the same direction right from the very start.

How can I tell which books and resources are integrated and work together?
Any resource that has a BLUE color or trim is meant to work together. These resources focus heavily on Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.
Any resource with a TAN color trim  is meant to work together.  These resources focus on the many types of anxiety disorders, 
not just OCD (although OCD is also covered).

Please note: None of the information or techniques offered in this website or any of its books or resources should be used as a
replacement for guidance,
consultation, assessment or treatment by a qualified mental health professional.